1. 11 May 17
  2. 8–11 pm
    1. Bob’s Pogo Bar

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    Enter at own risk.


MYSTI: I might simply drift past you... a hiccup in purple... a careless cocksuck with no contact info... memory without name.





The table isn’t flat, the conversation is. MYSTI meditates on the table as a disciplinary apparatus, and how the dinner party seeks to frame power with platitudes rather than accountability. 


How do I change the table? Make the gathering a bit more of what it is for me… a murky pond… a bit of money and wishful thinking. Now our names will be recognized for what they are not. A separatist future is upon us. Postmodernity is a passive aggressive fantasy… a lazy vanity that refuses to learn from an encounter that already destroyed us.


This is MYSTI’s most biographical essay to date. Her previous work is available at


MYSTI’s Lichtspiele lecture is now available via her website