Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen
One Night Stand: Prologue



9 January 14


Photo: Tiny Domingos
Photo: Tiny Domingos


KW Institute for Contemporary Art starts its new series One Night Stand in cooperation with the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives with a PROLOGUE in form of an open performative installation. From then on the network will show its presence within this new Format at irregular intervals at KW.

The performance is based on the draft of Open Gallery (2012), a work from Max Konek and Jonathan Jung. It is an idealized and radical statement on how an independent space could act in our society. It will be executed by both artists with the support of other performers. The Open Gallery should be representative for the heterogenic and non-institutional project activities in Berlin.

Contemporary art mostly is confined to a certain context; often it is misunderstood, considered as marginal or misused for economic reasons by the commercial art market. The society often doesn't get the chance to confront art without restrictions. In this context the v offers a forum and creates new confrontation possibilities with the public.

The performance, introduced by a short speech from organizers and members of the One Night Stand series, will point out in short statements the following five points:

No Space: The Open Gallery doesn't occupy any precise space. The city is a gigantic open gallery and also should be used with this aim.

No Time: The Open Gallery has no time limits. The exhibition time will be decided trough the public dialogue. Everybody at any time has the possibility to open or to close an exhibition.

No Curator: The Open Gallery isn't represented or administrated by a specific person. The city belongs to every one of us.

No Artists: The Open Gallery has no selected artists – everyone is asked to be part of it.

Open Discourse: The Open Gallery is for an open discussion. Everyone can participate in the work or in its process. Anyone has any specific right over an artwork.

The One Night Stand series brings together a variety of joint ventures and working teams in the fields of contemporary art. In their conceptual direction the work of many project spaces already corresponds to artistic production processes or is closely connected to them. One Night Stand is meant to discover this practice for the first time in an institutional setting.