Nicole Miller
Formations of Bodies: Daggering



23 February – 27 April 14


Nicole Miller, DAGGERING, 2012, two-channel HD RAW digital video <br>and sound installation, courtesy the artist
Nicole Miller, DAGGERING, 2012, two-channel HD RAW digital video
and sound installation, courtesy the artist
 Christian Falsnaes<br>OPENING<br>Performance, 5.9.13<br>KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2013<br>Courtesy of PSM, Berlin<br>
Christian Falsnaes
Performance, 5.9.13
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 2013
Courtesy of PSM, Berlin
 Mark Leckey<br>**Fiorucci made me hardcore**, 1999<br>film still
Mark Leckey
**Fiorucci made me hardcore**, 1999
film still


Formations of Bodies I
Mark Leckey: Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore
Jean-Luc Godard: Bande à Part (excerpt)

Formations of Bodies II
Christian Falsnaes: Opening

Formations of Bodies III
Nicole Miller: Daggering
23.2.-27.4.2014, Opening 22.2.14, 17-22 h

For the third installation of Formations of Bodies, Nicole Miller's two-channel video installation Daggering (2012) juxtaposes the social realities of opposing dance styles – classical ballet and daggering, a Caribbean street dance – with personal histories of identity formation on the dancefloor.

3 ½ begun with Formations of Bodies, an examination of social functions of dance and choreography, presenting two videos to begin with: Mark Leckey's Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999), and Jean-Luc Godard's famous dance scene from Bande à Part (1964).

For its second edition, Christian Falsnaes presented his installation Opening following his performance at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in September 2013.