Nina Kurtela
24 moments


16 January 20, 11 am–9 pm

17–19 January 20, 11 am–7 pm

Venue: Hall

Admission: included in exhibition ticket 


Ongoing performance, which takes places 24 times within the framework of Pause: Broken Sounds / Remote Music – Prepared Pianos from the Archivio Conz Collection.


24 moments of insecurity
24 moments of silence
24 moments of invisibility
24 scores
24 pianos
24 time units
24 situations
24 matter of chances
24 moments of darkness
24 moments of hysteria
24 beginnings
24 endings
24 choreographies
24 moments of contemplation
24 moments of fear
24 moments of black out
24 moments of break down
24 moments of inability
24 moments of ableism
24 moments of panic
24 moments of stillness
24 never-ending moments
24 female moments
24 moments of security


How does one shifts the viewer perspective from looking at the other(s) towards looking at oneself? Instead of looking at the artefacts in the museum one is faced to experience their own body in the present moment. Instead of looking at the past or the future they might find themselves caught at the present moment. As the space of the museum vanishes, the body appears.


Don’t be afraid.
You are safe.
Welcome to the choreography of insecurity.