Novi_sad, Lumisokea, Thomas Meadowcroft
FEED 082213: Volta



22 August 13




A Sound journey through many stations:
Artists Novi_sad, Lumisikea and Thomas Meadowcroft, with their respective pieces Cinema pour l'oreille, Selva and Song Buslines Live, create the stations of a sound journey through the countryside of continents, outlying places or thickly populated cities and describing their specific acoustics. This audio spectacle will be accompanied with visual and spatial elements and a combination of a variety of music genres.

Novi_sad, Cinema pour l'oreille
Novi_sad is the guise for Thanasis Kaproulias (b. 1980), who lives and works in Athens, Greece. His approach to sound is primarily focused on 'cinema pour l'oreille' (cinema for the ear). Some of his projects are primarily focused in architectural acoustics and the relationship between architecture and sound, while other projects are based on various methods of audio analysis in extremely unique recordings and the use of quantitative and numerical data from different sources, amomg others from NASA.
He has presented his work worldwide and collaborated with major figures in the fields of digital music creation.

Lumisokea, Selva
Lumisokea is a Belgian-Italian duo, formed by Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi.
Their music is at once highly physical and rich in texture, using both acoustic (cello,
prepared piano) as well as (analog) electronic instruments to create a dark and introspective listening experience. Their influences range from dub to noise, bass, techno, musique concrète and contemporary classical music, while remaining focused on the key elements in their own work: inducing trance-like states, moving bodies and emphasizing the tactile qualities of sound.
The visuals and scenography that Yannick Jacquet designed for Lumisokea are based on the simple but highly effective idea of projecting slowly developing, abstract geometrical beams of light into a pitch black room filled with smoke. In contrast to most visuals used at musical performances, these moving shapes do not seek to add a certain meaning or concrete imagery to Lumisokea's music. They rather function as a hypnotic focal point and a way to relieve the audience from the boundaries of the performance space, made possible through the use of the tactile and illusory qualities of light projected onto smoke.

Thomas Meadowcroft, Song Buslines Live
Song Buslines uses sound to describe the long-distance bus routes that run along the Australian East Coast. Song Buslines is inspired by the songlines ('dream-paths') of the Australian aborigines, a tradition of oral songs which guides the natives' navigation through the countryside. In this adaptation, rest stations and names of cities and towns replace the natural world's signifying marks. Aboriginal culture does not recognize any separation between the spiritual and physical worlds; for European Australians, the separation is made unequivocally clear at the final stop of a 24-hour bus ride: "Head and suitcase may have reached their destination, but the heart is still traveling".