Opening Hotel Marienbad 005:
Ann Cotten. Criticism & Cover



15 February – 10 March 09



Hotel Marienbad 005: Ann Cotton. Criticism & Cover
February 15 – March 10, 2009

Opening: Sunday,15.02.2009, 7 pm

The pony coming out of the wall now impersonates the dual meaning of the cover or the ceiling: it lurches between calming and disconcerting, lying awake, eying sidewise, taking care, uttering curses. The distance is difficult to ascertain between the cover and the individual. How far? From where? How close? Only the patterns remain somewhat reliable, those relations which contain abstract elements. We found the pony here.

Ever since the fall of the iron curtain, postmodernism has been a humdrum heap of half-seen rubble, no longer grippable with the grips made for postmodernism: spilled and atrophied. A further turn of the revolving stage is of need and already in the makings: criticism will now take the place formerly occupied by art. The criticism will take its vocabulary in form of grainy tree trunks directly fom the beginning of the 20th century as from under a swamp, vegetable material which in the meantime has been transformed through compression and must now feed grown long flames to warm up the idioms to a lifelike temperature.

Hendrik Jackson will man his office for criticism in the invisible room while we in the bedroom work on cover versions of everything. The list of what is to be covered will be hung on the wall and modulated. (Ann Cotten)

The poets Ann Cotten, Monika Rinck, and Christian Filips are the fifth guests to stay at Hotel Marienbad. In the hidden room Hendrik Jackson mans his Office for Criticism—bring your own texts to have them criticized.

There will be radings, talks and presentations of curious artwork in the hotel room.

Ann Cotten, born 1982 in Ames, Iowa, grew up in Vienna and now lives in Vienna and Berlin. She published Fremdwörterbuchsonette (2007, edition suhrkamp) and Nach der Welt. Die Listen der Konkreten Poesie und ihre Folgen (Klever Verlag, 2008). Her newest project is the website, an experiment in looking and reading. Irregularly in Berlin she does the Rotten Kinck Schow with Monika Rinck and Sabine Scho and the scientific sessions Verschwörung und Verwechslung with Joachim Wendel.

Monika Rinck, born 1969 in Zweibrücken, studied religious studies, history, and comparative literature in Bochum, Berlin, and Yale. She now lives in Berlin as an author of essays, prose, and poetry. Books: Begriffsstudio 1996 – 2001 (edition sutstein, 2001), Verzückte Distanzen (zu Klampen, 2004), Ah, das Love-Ding! (kookbooks, 2006), zum fernbleiben der umarmung (kookbooks, 2007).

Christian Filips, born 1981 in Worms, studied in Vienna and has been living in Berlin since 2002 as a writer, translator and dramaturg. He plays an important role in the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin. He published Schluck auf Stein (Elfenbein, 2001), and his collection of poems Gedankentanker was published in combination with a poetic essay in the literary periodical Zwischen den Zeilen in 2006.

Hendrik Jackson, born 1971, is an author, translator, editor, and critic in Berlin, host of the website He has published the books brausende bulgen. 95 Thesen über die Flußwasser in der menschlichen Seele (edition per procura, 2004), Einflüsterungen von seitlich (Morpheo Verlag, 2001), and translated Marina Zwetajewa's Poem vom Ende/Neujahrsbrief (edition per procura, 2003). His most recent publication is Dunkelströme (kookbooks, 2006).

Situated in the front building of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Hotel Marienbad opens up possibilities beyond the white cube by offering a poetic space for highly diverse modes of presentation and performance formats. Eluding all attempts at defining it as either a private or a public space, it is both useful space and artistic platform. Whether they present an exhibition or host an evening event is up to the guests, who do not pay for bed and board in the usual way. Instead, the accepted currency are artistic interventions that subject the place to permanent change. Thus each guest leaves traces which combine to form part of a collective process that is reflected in the steadily rising figure of the room number.

Supported by the Friends of KW Institute for Contemporary Art


23.02.2009, 7 pm

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03.03.2009, 7 pm

Petra Coronato. tongue tongue Hongkong
07.03.2009, 7 pm

Matthias Klos, Christian Wallner. On the brink of innocence
10.03.2009, 7 pm

Kerstin Cmelka. Mikrodramas