Opening: The Rausch Collection and Städelschule at Hotel Marienbad



11 March 08



The Rausch Collection and Städelschule at Hotel Marienbad
12. - 20.03.2008
11.03.2008, 8 pm
Music: Asia Today (Andy Moss, Ingar Dragset, Simon Fujiwara)
Angels Voice (Heike Staudacher, Benjamin Saurer)
Andreas Elvis Schlaegel
Golden Rausch-Bar

The second group of guests to move into the hotel suite in the main building of KW Institute for Contemporary Art will be the caretaker couple of Frankfurt am Main’s famous Städelschule, Helga and Hartmut Rausch, accompanied by students from the art school. Mr. and Mrs. Rausch will bring along pictures and objects from their art collection, which today extends to four hundred works. In their many years as caretakers at Städelschule they have received numerous drawings, paintings, and art objects as gifts from students or teachers. As the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Rausch’s art collection this spelled a very special relationship between collectors and collected items. While staying at Hotel Marienbad Helga and Hartmut Rausch will present a very personal selection from their treasures, which were first presented to the public in 2007 in the Städelschule’s Portikus exhibition space. The caretaker couple will be accompanied by students of the art school who will host a program of talks, presentations, concerts, and cinema. Offerings include live music from country to pop to punk, artistic films by students and graduates, and a talk on „Teaching Art“ with Thomas Bayrle, Daniel Birnbaum, Isabelle Graw, Simon Starling, Wolfgang Tillmans, and students. The suite of Hotel Marienbad is thus transformed into an exhibition space and a laboratory of young aspiring artists. Together with the students Hartmut Rausch will set up his legendary Golden Rausch-Bar in the KW’s interior courtyard.
In the framework of Hotel Marienbad 002. The Rausch Collection and Städelschule at Hotel Marienbad