Pansy’s Tea Party


31 August 19, 2–10 pm

Venue: KW Courtyard

Admission: 10 € / reduced 8 € (ticket to the exhibitions included)


<p>Design: Stefan Fähler  </p>

Design: Stefan Fähler  


  1. Pansy is having a tea party and everyone is invited! Fall through the rabbit hole and into a wonderland bursting with Berlin’s most beautiful Queens, Kings, and In-Betweens and celebrate with them a late summer soirée you will not soon forget. This golden afternoon garden party will be filled to the brim with immersive performance, live music, dancing, and more. Maybe it’s your unbirthday. Maybe it’s the downfall of patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalistic modes of thought and control—either way, we’re having a celebration! Tea and crumpets will be served. 


    Featuring performances by:


Karma She (live)

Lola Rose

Godxxx Noirphiles


Gieza Poke

Nana Schewitz

Fifi Fantôme


Mr. Manic



The Darvish

Alexander Cameltoe

Antina Christ

Christina Corpse