Patricia Esquivias
I Didn't Know He Was An Architect. Or Did I!?

Lecture Performance


27 February 14


Image: Fernando Garrido Rodriguez, private collection.
Image: Fernando Garrido Rodriguez, private collection.


Patricia Esquivias' videos and performances follow winding, associative paths based on certain fascinations and arbitrary encounters. In her newest lecture performance, Patricia Esquivias tells the story of her coincidental meeting with Spanish architect Fernando Garrido Rodriguez by sharing personal anecdotes, fragments from other works, and the research process that led, indirectly, to her discovery of Garrido's work.

Garrido's oeuvre of utopian living environments and his trove of drawings of surreal architectural landscapes have been virtually unpublished to date. Esquivias therefore decided to dedicate her edition of the magazine "The World According To..." to Garrido's work.

The World According To Patricia Esquivias was recently published by the curatorial collective The Office in collaboration with Akademie Schloss Solitude and distributed by argobooks.