The Pause series of KW Institute for Contemporary Art allows for an ephemeral yet deep engagement with a single artwork in order to draw and question relationships between the past, present, and future. A Pause acts as a punctuation of KW’s regular program by presenting an artwork for a short period of time in between exhibition cycles, working with this state of in-between. Pause projects are predominantly commissioned or reworked pieces that shift between or even merge the disciplines of performance, installation, video, and sonic work.




Pause: Billy Bultheel & James Richards

Workers in Song

7–9 June 24


Pause: The Noa Eshkol Chamber Dance Group
25/27 August 23


Pause: Alexis Blake

Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve

27–29 January 23


Pause: Lydia Ourahmane
1–2 October 22


Pause: Tobias Spichtig
Die Matratzen
19–23 January 22


Pause: Michele Rizzo


1–3 October 21


Pause: Archivio Conz Collection

Broken Sounds / Remote Music—Prepared Pianos

16–19 January 20


Pause: Every Ocean Hughes

Help the Dead

24–25 August 19


Pause: Emma Hedditch

+49 30 243459-53

18–19 May 19


Pause: Jimmy Robert (After Ian White)

Joie noire

19–20 January 19


Pause: Evelyn Taocheng Wang

What is he afraid of?

27–30 September 18


Pause: AA Bronson

Garten der Lüste

26–29 April 18


Pause: Ericka Beckman

Super-8 Trilogy

18–21 January 18


Pause: Margaret Honda

Spectrum Reverse Spectrum

18–20 August 17


Pause: Anthony McCall

Line Describing a Cone

27–30 April 17