Sound performance:
Ellen Arkbro and Marcus Pal

  1. 26 February 23, 5 pm

    Location: KW Institute for Contemporary Art


  2. Admission price included in regular exhibition ticket. Ticket can be purchased on site


<p><em>Worksheet </em>(detail), 2023, Graphite and ink on paper, 20 x 28 cm © Win McCarthy</p>

Worksheet (detail), 2023, Graphite and ink on paper, 20 x 28 cm © Win McCarthy


Interharmonicity is a sound performance exploring the enaction and dissolution of harmonic forms of space, presented by composers and sound artists Ellen Arkbro and Marcus Pal. Employing high-precision tuning in tone formation and in just intonation harmony, Arkbro and Pal’s sound work moves the mind through domains of potential ways of listening by harmonically fusing tone with the texture of hearing itself.


Set in Win McCarthy’s exhibition Innenportrait, this sound performance aims to open up shared attentional landscapes, topologies of momentarily sustained interharmonicity.