Plani II

  1. 25 March 18, 2–4 pm

3rd floor

Free admission

Everyone is welcome. Pre-registration is appreciated at, but not mandatory.




Plani II is a workshop aiming for a collective artwork, where all patterns are contributing to the outcome. Setting an imaginary spacecraft in KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the oeuvre by Trix & Robert Haussmann turns into silver lines and Judith Hopf’s work acts as a template to reflect the experiences made in and outside of KW. Every “Berlin sagt Danke” visitor will be invited to contribute their personal poetry through paper, geometry, or rule making.


Chloe Pare-Anastasiadou (born 1996 in Athens) is a young artist based in Berlin. In her current praxis, she is experimenting on how interactivity integrates into contemporary sculpture.


The workshop takes place within Berlin sagt Danke!