Poetics of Encryption
Holiday Workshop:
From reality to unreality and back again
Modifying image realities digitally and analog



with Hirmiz Akman


For young people from 13–18 years of age

25–28 March 24, 11 am – 3 pm each

In German

Venue: KW Mediation Room


Registration via Jugend im Museum e.V.

Course number: 2024-JU-06

Limited capacity

In cooperation with Jugend im Museum e.V


<p>Image Credits: Herbstferienworkshop 2023 © Jugend im Museum e.V. / Dora Csala</p>

Image Credits: Herbstferienworkshop 2023 © Jugend im Museum e.V. / Dora Csala


Starting with painting and drawing, through photography and collage to digital image filters and vice versa.
How can you use these techniques to change the content of images in such a way that in the end there is no longer any talk of the original image? How and how does the meaning of the image get lost through your editing? Colors, shapes and symbols, distortion, light and shadow or even deletions are factors and tools that can change images. You try out these methods artistically and create new pictorial worlds, all of which are based on a reality that has little to do with reality as such.