Poetics of Encryption
Workshop Special:
Decoding Embodiment: Somatic Exercises in the exhibition


with Alvin Collantes and Thesea Rigou


26 April 24, 5–7 pm


In English

Registration via mediation@kw-berlin.de

Participation included in the exhibition ticket. Limited capacity.


<p>Photo: Luisa Orduno Cazares</p>
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Photo: Luisa Orduno Cazares



In this practical workshop, moderated by Alvin Collantes and Thesea Rigou, participants are invited to encounter the exhibition Poetics of Encryption through bodily impulses and movement. In the span of two hours, Alvin and Thesea will introduce individual and collective exercises that relate to specific artworks and themes of the exhibition. Everyone, regardless of their abilities, are welcome to participate. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The meeting point of this workshop is the Ticket Counter of KW. The main language of the workshop is English. 


Alvin Collantes is a Filipino-Canadian dance artist, drag performer and certified Gaga teacher based in Berlin. Drawing from his personal experiences as queer, immigrant and a person of color, his work explores topics of assimilation and physical sensations of marginalized bodies in queer communities. He facilitates dance floor spaces in Berlin that centres on the body as a radical collaborator into the space of building inclusivity, solidarity and community. 


Thesea Rigou (*1997, Cyprus) is an artist, gardener and art educator based in Pankow. They are a graduate of the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, and are currently working in art education in various Museums in Berlin. Their artistic practice explores current socioecological issues in installations, performances, and printmaking. Thesea enjoys designing site-specific and/or age-specific educational formats and has extensive experience in collective and self-organised work.