Pogo Bar:
Billy J. Bultheel
Spat from My Mouth: Piano Concerto


7 November 19, 9 pm

Venue: Pogo Bar

In English

RSVP to pogobar@kw-berlin.de.


<p><span lang="EN-US">Courtesy Guidonian Hand – Baude Cordier – Spyros Rennt</span></p>

Courtesy Guidonian Hand – Baude Cordier – Spyros Rennt


A dark bar with velvet curtains. A piano clustered in speakers. Entangled music oscillates between sounds of refined baroque machineries and cruel industrial noise.


With Spat from My Mouth: Piano Concerto, Billy J. Bultheel presents a selection of new and old compositions while extending the format of the prepared piano to create an intimate performative space that fluctuates between the real and the recorded.


Billy J. Bultheel is an artist and composer, who perceives his work on the intersection of performance art and music. He is interested in gestures of brutal polyphony across various media and disciplines. Working mainly on site-specific projects, his installations include instruments, speakers, performers and musicians. His music seeks the confrontation between the Renaissance and early Baroque on the one hand, and noise music, metal and industrial music on the other, to form an experimental canon of genres.


Pogo Bar