Pogo Bar:
Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong

  1. 17 March 23, 8pm

    In German, Norwegian, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Hebrew – with English subtitles

    Location: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Pogo Bar

    Registration via pogobar@kw-berlin.de


<p>Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong, <em>Days</em>, 2022</p>

Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong, Days, 2022


Adaptable and multilingual gig economy laborers’ search for self-realization in Berlin—but when faced with the consequences of their ethical relativism, will they be drinking their hard-earned flat white alone… forever?


Days, by artist duo Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong, is a film taking the form of an episode of a soap opera, which focuses on a group of freelance workers, whose interpersonal dramas and intrigues play out against  an absurd backdrop of stylized scenography. In an attempt to world-build within  contemporary Berlin, the film is the first work in a series of projects by the duo in collaboration with a number of other artists that revises the formal and dramatic tropes of the soap opera, specifically considering the genre’s portrayal of  class, gender, and identity.


Living in a neoliberal urban economy, the protagonists of Days struggle with everyday issues, financial instability, and the results of gentrification. We trail their emotional and moral conflicts, as they juggle poorly paid jobs, for which they are overqualified, and navigate beneficial friendships to climb different social ladders. It is a portrait of a new social class—the Precariat—as well as of the millennial generation, which is expected to suffer a significant decrease in living standards during its lifetime.  


This event centers the screening of Days, the first in a perpetual row of episodes of the contemporary soap opera. Reflecting the drama of the film, this event invites the audience to wallow in shared precarity and get plastered with a special … elixir.


Pogo Bar