Pogo Bar:
Philip Poppek


31 January 19, 9–11 pm

Guest: Miriam Stoney

Venue: Pogo Bar

RSVP: pogobar@kw-berlin.de


<p>Philip Poppek, <em>FLUFF, </em>2018</p>

Philip Poppek, FLUFF, 2018


FLUFF is the new publication of the artist Philip Poppek in 51 pictures, which is presented in the Pogo Bar. The evening will include a reading by the artist in collaboration with Miriam Stoney.


“…between the never silent chatter and isolated questions such as: where, and in what haze do you stand, colleague, whether the catalogue of the catalogues really has to contain itself, how it goes on and what will come, one whispers the only known, fixed and most important word: FLUFF.”