High Heal
VOID Sessions Berlin


18 July 19, 9.30 pm
Doors open from 9 pm

Venue: KW Courtyard

RSVP to pogobar@kw-berlin.de
In English 


With Bogdan Ablozhnyy, Tendre Ael, Luis Artemio de Los Santos, Paula Ďurinová, Ange Halliwell, Lilian Hardouineau, Andres Komatsu, Loic Le Hecho, Moesha, Camila Roriz, Bora, DJ Mantis, Flagalova, High Heal, Rui Ho, Hydropsyche & Petra Hermanova, Tenderness, and Lugh



<p>Graphic: Andres Komatsu</p>

Graphic: Andres Komatsu


Paris-based artist collective High Heal was formed in late 2017 by the music aliases Fetva, Allpass and Fatma Pneumonia. The first event of High Heal was hosted on a Sunday afternoon in a small Berber bar where the owner prepared Chorba, a free vegetable soup served in local eateries of the Algerian diaspora, in Paris. The second and third High Heal events, metaphorically titled Aloe Vera and Blossom, were held on the second floor of Le relais de Belleville, a bar that required no budget, which was helpful because there wasn’t one. Dagain and Lava, the fourth and fifth High Heal events, were each hosted in artists squats, the former at Carbon 17 and the latter at 79 Cartier Bresson, outside of Paris, in the northern district of Aubervilliers.


The motivations and artistic intentions of High Heal are as layered as their online profiles on sharing platforms, and the past and present references that inspire their collaborative work. Bands like Psychic TV and Coil or today’s movement of underground music and art (a network of peers found online and nurtured in real life) influence High Heal’s artistic practice of creating safe, non-judgemental and supportive gatherings to share music and art, while embracing questions of vulnerability, friendship, and community. High Heal’s aesthetic could be described as “ambientish and emotional” or simply “down to earth” like the relaxed posture of sitting on the floor (amongst multiple channels of amplified sound) that so often characterises their gatherings.


For their forthcoming event, titled VOID, a healing “trilogy” starts at Bagnoler, an atelier and workshop complex in the eastern suburbs of Bagnolet, in Paris, then goes to KW, marking their first ever international gathering, and ending on July 21, 2019 with a 6 hour gathering, as part of Berlin’s exhibition and performance series, at M.I/mi1glissé, founded by curator Joel Mu, in the ground-floor gallery and theatre rooms of artist-community KuLe at Auguststraße 10, Berlin-Mitte.




VOID Berlin Session, Part 1, KW (18 July)


9.30 pm High Heal
10.30 pm Ange Halliwell
11.10 pm Rui Ho


VOID Berlin Session, Part 2, M.I/mi1glissé (21 July)


5 pm Fatma + Fetva
6 pm Dj Mantis
7 pm Moesha
7.30 pm Flagalova
8 pm Lugh
8.30 pm Tenderness
9 pm Bora
9.30 pm Tendre Ael
10 pm Ange Halliwell
10.30 pm Hydropsyche
11 pm Loic
11.30 pm Allpas


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