Pogo Bar:
King Kong Magazine Launch Party
Body Politics – On Masculinity
with PHILTH HAUS, marum and ābnamā


3 March 23, from 8pm

In English

Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Pogo Bar


Running order

8 pm: doors open

8.30–9.30 pm: PHILTH HAUS

10 pm–00 am: marum

00–02 am: ābnamā


Registration for PHILTH HAUS via pogobar@kw-berlin.de

afterwards first come first serve


<p>Image: James Richards and Albrecht Becker</p>

Image: James Richards and Albrecht Becker


King Kong and Pogo Bar join forces to launch the first special edition Body Politics – On Masculinity of the independently run magazine, which is curated by KW’s curator Léon Kruijswijk.


The art collective PHILTH HAUS kicks off the evening with a sexuality marketplace and sound bath relating to their album REPSXL. Its tracks are each titled after sexualities ranging from lesbianism to pansexuality to fictosexuality. Each song has its own album cover which will be presented as a series of NFTs audience members may bid on over the course of the sound bath album listening session. All songs feature samples from 2000s pop music, ad jingles, and noise to produce hormonally-charged sonics. The bidding period will last through the show and extend over two weeks with successful bidders being notified of their acquisition of their sexuality NFT. The REPSXL album is released online via AQNB.


Known for their progressive sound and their understanding of the transgressive potential of clubbing, marum and ābnamā will follow up to fill the dance floor and suitably launch this special edition of King Kong.


Body Politics – On Masculinity is the first special edition of King Kong magazine delves into the notion of masculinity and stresses how limiting the term is in order to come to an open, critical, and progressive understanding of it. On Masculinity includes contributions by twenty-two artists, curators, and writers from various generations, who work within visual arts, fashion, film, experimental music, and performance, and who share a nuanced and fluid approach to this notion. The interdisciplinary, intersectional, and intergenerational collection of contributions is a transgressive hint at what masculinity can be today, and what it is not. As such, this special edition of King Kong celebrates the endlessness of subjectivity. You can pre-order your copy here.


Contributors: ANTI-MASS, Carlos Motta, Benjamin Fredrickson, Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Fuyuhiko Takata, Gerald Odil, GmbH, Göksu Kunak, Jacopo Benassi, Karol Radziszewski, James Richards, Jimmy Robert, Nicholas Grafia & Mikołaj Sobczak, Robert Andy Coombs, Samira Elagoz & Jessica Dunn Rovinelli, UY Studio, and Wieland Speck. Curated by Léon Kruijswijk.


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