Pogo Bar:
Nina Beier and Bob Kil
Braver Lovers


23 October 19, 9 pm
Venue: Pogo Bar
RSVP to pogobar@kw-berlin.de


<p>teacher6th,<em> sheep on the property at night</em>, 2007</p>

teacher6th, sheep on the property at night, 2007


Two backup dancers move to the rhythm prescribed by a woman in their midst. While she reads from the same pieces of writing on repeat, actors in the audience attempt to mix tears in their drinks.


For Pogo bar, Berlin based artists Nina Beier and Bob Kil collaborate on an evening that brings together an array of familiar nightlife tropes. As the stage extends its realm to the bar’s counter, the performers draw on their craft to extract emotions and the real and the staged merge. Synchronicity and singularity become the two ends of a spectrum whose nuances are subtly explored. Watching this scenario, it is us and our desire for signification who are inversely contemplated by these self-contained breathing sculptures.


Pogo Bar