Pogo Bar:


1 December 23, 8 pm

Venue: Pogo Bar

Registration via pogobar@kw-berlin.de



<p>Courtesy the artist</p>

Courtesy the artist


Save my smile it’s too cracked from fame

Wish me well with my fantasy

Feel my arrogance with your sanity

Wash me, oh, so painfully clean

Dissect my words with a fist full of your dreams

Build me up and strike me down please

Sign my name, sign my name

I kiss you, I kiss you but I’m falling down

And all my friends are crowding around

They’re crowding around looking down to see

But all they can see is me, me, me

So blow me away now with your screwed up mind

There’s nothing left now for you to find


CLWNciaga enters a bar. 

CLWNciaga invites you on a little journey. 

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It takes blood and guts to be this cool, but I still … 


@nnast_antn is a video and performance artist, as well as a set designer based in Berlin. From „un-professional“ production of NSFW animation to performative practice — her work revolves around the potential ways of pleasure production in an environment where #pleasure gets censored by default and (queer) desire is a subject of fear. As CLWNciaga, she is currently working on a proposal of a new queer order in which the heteropatriarchal gaze gets reappropriated, and the mystical “man” behind the male gaze finally disappears. Drawing from her experience as a stripper/sex worker, she de- and re-mystifies the quotidian act of dressing and undressing as a delightfully inescapable continuum.



Pogo Bar