Pogo Bar:
Pfeil Magazin


13 December 18, 9 pm–midnight

Venue: Pogo Bar

Booking required. Please RSVP at pogobar@kw-berlin.de.

With Nicola Gördes, Stella Rossié, Penny Goring, Dodo Voelkel, Jan Matthé und The Press Group


<p>Cover of the 10th issue of Pfeil Magazin, 2018, Credit: Jan Matthé </p>

Cover of the 10th issue of Pfeil Magazin, 2018, Credit: Jan Matthé 


We are happy to celebrate the 10th issue of Pfeil Magazine, published by Montez Press, with the performances Prä apres Ski! by Nicola Gördes and Stella Rossié and Bone Dust Disco by Penny Goring. For the evening we will be served a Big Mac Salad by Dodo Voelkel, and records played by Jan Matthé and The Press Group. Within the format of a magazine, each page of Pfeil represents the floor, walls, or ceiling which together create an imagined room displaying a printed exhibition. Each issue is dedicated to a specific word, with artists invited and given space to work on and with this term, and to construct or deconstruct the architecture around it. Combined, the contributions morph into an organic display surrounding the leitmotif. Since the tenth issue is dedicated to Mainstream, this volume questions exercised motions of majorities, practiced over long or short distances and timeframes, that can become patterns, sometimes taken for granted, sometimes followed unconsciously, automatically, or even mechanically.
With contributions by: Alice Creischer, Annette Kelm, Charlotte Simon, Dodo Voelkel, Emily Pope, Hans-Christian Dany, Harry Gamboa Jr., Heike-Karin Föll, Holly White, Jan Matthé, Jannis Marwitz, Karl Holmqvist, Kevin Gallagher, Lars Bang Larsen, Magdalena Los, Marina Pinsky, Merle Radtke, Nicola Gördes, Pablo Schlumberger, Penny Goring, and Stella Rossié


Pogo Bar