Rafael Anton Irisarri / Svarte Greiner / The Sight Below



22 January 15


Photo: Michael Tan
Photo: Michael Tan


FEED FREQUENCIES presents a sound evening with Rafael Anton Irisarri, Svarte Greiner, and The Sight Below at KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

The music of the American composer Rafael Anton Irissari is predominantly associated with ambient, drone, post-minimalist, and modern classical music, capturing an essential vision of floating tones, deep pulsing bass, and textural electronics. His compositions are deeply emotive and epic to the point of being symphonic.

With a combination of field recordings and computer generated sounds, Svarte Greiner turns through the pages of a haunting tale, each chapter of his musical story equally captivating as the next. His sound reveals influences of his roots in Norway and the occasional glimpse of his work as part of the duo Deaf Center.

The music of The Sight Below conjures half-remembered dreams and soft-focus sentiments with elegiac beauty, like blurred snippets of film recognizable only as organic objects: black-and-white amoebas milling about, or a sunset rendered in grayscale. The songs seem as effortless as natural phenomena; in fact, they're carefully played, head-nodding hymns to the artist's secluded life.


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