Or: Why do we still cooperate.


7 November 19, 3–5.30 pm

Venue: KW Studio, front building, 1st floor

In German

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<p>Documentation <em>Emotional Mapping</em>, 2018</p>

Documentation Emotional Mapping, 2018


Based on the project REALTY, which dealt with the role of contemporary art in recent cases of gentrification, 9th and 10th grade pupils at the Alfred-Nobel-School (Berlin-Neukölln) worked together with KW, the Berlin filmmaker Anna Caroline Arndt, the art teacher Christopher Vogl and the art mediator Duygu Örs on their own cinematic formats, taking up observations of personal everyday life and change in their various districts. In addition to smaller exercises with animated GIFs and photo collages, personal video diaries and short films were created. However, these materialized “results” can only partially reflect how the focus of all participants shifted within the year-long project.
What was originally conceived as an accompanying program to the curatorial project REALTY, which aimed to make the voices of young people audible and visible on topics such as urban speculation, scarce living space, and urban development by means of an artistic confrontation, expanded over the course of the year, by focusing more and more on critical discussion material surrounding how schools, pupils and art institutions can cooperate with one another, even though geographical, sociographic, and content-related conditions are subject to strong contradictions.
The event REALTY NOBEL, Or: Why do we still cooperate. tries to place the contradictions we have encountered – the relevance of the term “still” – at the centre of the discussion. REALTY NOBEL serves as a collection of materials to reflect, together with the participants, on visible and hidden (mediation) strategies that were or would be necessary to expand the framework conditions within the institutionalized context, changing them to favor the participants. In short, the question is about how schools and institutions want to work together.


After a practical exercise, the project will be briefly presented by the ones involved and then discussed in small groups with several main topics. At the end of the event, we would like to exchange thoughts on the contributions discussed, and develop possible follow-up questions and new perspectives for the future.  

Project participants


Tutku, Ümit, Dario, Nico, Lea, Gabriele Z, Vinzenzo, Mara, Gabriele E., Furkan, Giulano, Justin, Lorenzo, Robert, Luca, Emilio, Fatih (pupils)


Anna Caroline Arndt (filmmaker), Silke Ballath (cultural agent of the Alfred-Nobel-School), Duygu Örs (education and mediation KW), Christopher Roth (filmmaker, REALTY), Christopher Vogl (art teacher, Alfred-Nobel-School/Young Arts Neukölln), Katja Zeidler (education and mediation KW), Tirdad Zolghadr (curator REALTY), Young Arts Neukölln


REALTY NOBEL is a collaborative project by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Alfred-Nobel-School and Young Arts Neukölln. The project was made possible by funds from the DKJS state program “Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Berlin” and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.