rosalux, SOMA Art Gallery
One Night Stand #6



26 November 15


Photo: Tiny Domingos, layout: Nabi Nara
Photo: Tiny Domingos, layout: Nabi Nara


KW Institute for Contemporary Art, together with the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives, cordially invites you to the current event of the One Night Stand series featuring the project spaces SOMA Art Gallery and rosalux.

rosalux presents the artistic duo Kuiperdomingos Projects for an interactive evening of performance, installation, and live music. During one of his inspections of the Berlin project space scene in 2010, Hans Kuiper, a self-proclaimed “network artist” from Amsterdam, met Tiny Domingos, an artist and founder of the Berlin-based project space rosalux. Under the name Kuiperdomingos Projects they decided to bring art down from the pedestal and back to the people, or as they put it, “to let some fresh air into the white cube”.

The duo arranges found materials “remix installations” connecting the hope and dynamism of avant-garde modern art and architecture movements of the early 20th century with today's worries about sustainability and macro-economic crises worldwide.

Their collaboration is inspired by the empathic power of popular Schlager music. In their installations the echoes of “Neoschlager” pop songs are heard, a term used by the duo for music influenced by the diverse aesthetics of Euro pop: German Schlager, Amsterdam’s Levenslied, Portuguese YéYé bands of the 1960s, and French chanson. These everyman tunes are enriched by a meta-discourse level dealing with the ambitions and the working conditions of an artist. The duo perceives Neoschlager not only as an appropriation of a music genre but also as an homage to its simplicity and popularity, expressed in the new songs’ lyrics.

SOMA presents Free the Moon, a performative poetic mission by artist Lena Skrabs. Her alter-ego Luna Skrabs is set on becoming the first woman to fly to the moon, with the mission of freeing it from the flags that have been left there in the course of six moon landings from 1969 to 1972. She believes that the moon belongs to lovers, and must be preserved for everyone's dreams and visions. The technical implementation of her mission is possible – all she needs is 10 billion Euros. To make her utopia come true, she started a crowd-funding campaign and uses the internet to cross the frontier – from cyberspace to outer space.

Lena Skrabs (born 1990 in Hamburg) studied at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter near Bonn and is currently attending the Master program for Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus University Weimar. Her works combine unconventional methods that trigger, surprise and at times irritate, and are often revealed in their full extend only upon deeper investigation. She uses artistic freedom as a means to expand the limits of possibility.

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