Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch
Screening and Conversations With the Artist



6 June 13


Ryan Trecartin, Not yet titled, 2013, HD Video, Courtesy Fitch/Trecartin
Ryan Trecartin, Not yet titled, 2013, HD Video, Courtesy Fitch/Trecartin


KW Institute for Contemporary Art is pleased to be hosting an open-air screening with Ryan Trecartin and collaborator Lizzie Fitch, as they present a new movie and the beginning of a new body of work that will challenge the movie experience. The movie will premiere as part of Ryan Trecartin with Fitch/Trecartin's installation at the 55th Venice Bienniale, Palazzo Enciclopedico.

The movie is loosely based on the tropes of popular spectacle-driven entertainment – game shows, reality TV, talk shows, sporting events. On screen there is no clear distinction between audience and performer or on-camera and off-camera, as these roles and positions are constantly in flux. Having emerged in the early 2000's as an innovator of ecstatic new frontiers in art and cinema, Trecartin has been influential within the art world and among a broader, intergenerational set of thinkers and cultural consumers. Through performance, the characters in his movies embody the symbols and rhetoric of globalization, capitalism and celebrity while branding these distorted images onto grotesque human forms. In the process, Trecartin violently exposes the iconography of contemporary life.
The evening will begin with a conversation with the artists and an introduction by chief curator Ellen Blumenstein. Blumenstein worked with Trecartin in 2007, and invited the two to KW in preparation of a larger project, planned for 2015.