Carlos Mayolo
Carne de tu carne

  1. 20 April 23, 7pm

    Spanish with english subtitles

    Venue: ACUDkino, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

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<p>Filmposter von Carlos Mayolo, Carne de tu carne (Bloody Flesh), 1983</p>

Filmposter von Carlos Mayolo, Carne de tu carne (Bloody Flesh), 1983


On August 6, 1956, during the military dictatorship of Rojas Pinilla, the matriarch of an upper-class family in Cali dies. The descendants are called to her house where her will is read. Two of the heirs are her grandchildren, teenagers Andrés Alfonso and his half sister Margaret, who just returned from the United States. One day later, a military convoy loaded with dynamite explodes in downtown Cali and destroys many of the city’s traditional buildings, including the home of Andrés Alfonso and his half sister. They are forced to move to their family’s country house. Here, the two get closer, dig into the family’s past, are surprisingly attracted to each other, and become immersed in a delirium in which the ancestors appear as mythical characters who starred in stories of incest and violence.


Carne de tu carne (1983) was directed by Carlos Mayolo. Karen Lamassonne was involved in the production as Editor and actress.


Courtesy Proimágenes Colombia

In cooperation with ACUDkino.