Sebastián Díaz Morales



7 July – 8 August 04


Opening: July 06, 2004, 5 - 9 pm

KW Institute for Contemporary Art presents Sebastián Díaz Morales' newest work The Man with the Bag (2004). There will also be a screening of his two other videos entitled The Enigmatic Visitor (2003), and The Persecution of the White Car (2001).

Díaz Morales' films are dominated by a suffocating and absurd atmosphere. He plays with the different natures of our conception - reality and fiction, present and past, memory, and abstraction.

The Man with the Bag (2004) observes a man lost in the endless and desolate stone desert of Patagonia. The man drags a suitcase behind him. The suitcase turns into a bag full of bones. He continues to walk in the same direction, always tripping on the same hindrances. It seems he is trying to escape ever occurring threats. The film addresses the question of human existence, life's journey, and its uncertain ending often marked by longing and terror.

In The Enigmatic Visitor (2003) two men, one soldier and one scientist, have a conversation in an empty radio station about chemical weapons. While we see that the soldier suffers from the effects of a gas poisoning, we see the scientist busy planing the construction of a   large scale gas installation . The Persecution of the White Car (2001) deals with the structures of memory. By considering only the poetic side of pictures and situations, Díaz Morales tells a fictional story in form of a travel report of a unspecified city.

Curated by Ellen Blumenstein

Supported by carlier | gebauer, Berlin