Sergej Jensen



3 May – 9 August 09



Opening: 2.5.2009, 17 – 22 h

Sergej Jensen uses linen, jute, colorful fabrics, used textiles, stretchers and frames as supports for his works. Yet, rather than being mere base matter, these materials inform the paintings' content. Stains, holes, cracks and other traces of use become pictorial elements. Pigment, diamond dust, packthread, wool, bleach and other conditions are Jensen's pictorial means. Longsome treatments – often over the course of several years – let the paintings emerge as if by themselves. It is being added and removed, concealed and disclosed. Visible traces become pictorial gestures, and pictorial gestures are made to seem like traces. Front sides reverse into back sides; bottoms flip into tops; right turns left. The image itself seems to determine the composition. Sergej Jensen's painting is not mimetic as it does not attempt to picture anything. Rather, Sergej Jensen's painting only represents itself.

Sergej Jensen's (born 1973) solo exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art will feature new works created in the last two years.