Simone Fattal


13 April–31 May 20


Due to circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 virus, the film screening had to be canceled. Instead, we will show Simone Fattal’s Autoportrait (1972/2012) online. 


Film introduction by Kathrin Bentele, Assistant Curator at KW, in English: 00:00–01:05 minutes
Film in French with English subtitles: 01:06–47:54 minutes



Simone Fattal’s (born in 1942, SY) Autoportrait is an attempt at a cinematic self-portrait as well as an extensive monologue, interspersed with conversational fragments of Fattal and her friends or parents. “I wanted to do my self-portrait,” says Fattal in the video, “although I’m a painter, I called upon two friends to make a film because I thought the language of cinema was much richer, and allowed for a longer-lasting vision.” It was not until 2012 that Simone Fattal edited these hour-long soliloquies into the 46-minutes long video work Autoportrait. The filmic material enfolds neither linear nor logic—on the contrary, Fattal’s autobiographic project appears to become more fragmented, closer to the means of which film operates but also those of memory, confessions, and seduction.