Steve Bishop
Artist talk and book launch


5 January 19, 5 pm

Venue: Pogo Bar


<p>Public domain, film still</p>

Public domain, film still


In this artist talk Steve Bishop will focus on the deserted town depicted in his exhibition Deliquescing. The Canadian town was built in 1981 to house the workers of a nearby mine and then abandoned in 1983. Its remarkably intact state is due to the constant struggle to prevent the surrounding forest from reclaiming the town and is a testament to the live-in caretaker, who ensures that the lawns are mowed and the buildings are heated. 


In a directors commentary of the film, Bishop will give closer insight to the town and the phenomena of mining towns in general. The talk will be followed by a short documentary screening and a discussion with assistant curator Maurin Dietrich that provides a theoretical perspective on the subjects of his research and allows a broader view of his work.