Stadt und Knete
Talk with Annette Maechtel, Ina Wudtke, Thomas Kilpper, and Kathrin Bentele


18 February 21, 7 pm


Video: recording of the event


<p>Ina Wudtke <em>Kollektive Erinnerungen</em> (video still, 2020), Photo: Katja Eydel, 1997</p>

Ina Wudtke Kollektive Erinnerungen (video still, 2020), Photo: Katja Eydel, 1997


Proceeding from the group exhibition Stadt und Knete. Positionen der 1990er Jahre, which is currently on view at after the butcher in parallel with Amelie von Wulffen’s show at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the talk traces the relationships between the production of art and space in 1990s Berlin. Ina Wudtke and Thomas Kilpper will introduce the artistic positions presented at after the butcher, such as Gruppe Gummi K / MicroStudio surplus, Jaaaa, Annette Wehrmann, Josef Kramhöller, Amelie von Wulffen, or the queer-feminist magazine NEID. Annette Maechtel’s research will look at the extended context of spatial production in post-wall Berlin and positions the city as a decidedly political space, whose rapid transformation in the 1990s has repeatedly been reflected, questioned, and counteracted by transdisciplinary groups of artists such as Botschaft e. V.


The talk will be followed by a presentation of the video Kollektive Erinnerungen (2020) by Ina Wudtke. It gathers photographs by Katja Eydel and other materials documenting the collective, activist and artistic activities in 1990s Berlin, commented on by different artists taking part at the time.


Annette Maechtel is a curator, art historian, cultural theorist and lecturer living in Berlin. In March 2020, she was appointed executive director of nGbK. Her newest book, Das Temporäre politisch denken. Raumproduktion im Berlin der frühen 1990er Jahre, was published in 2021 by b_books.


Ina Wudtke is a conceptual artist living in Berlin. Her book The Fine Art of Living, published in 2018 with Archive Books, Berlin, gathers her artistic work on issues of housing. Since 2015, she co-runs, together with Thomas Kilpper and Franziska Böhmer, the exhibition space after the butcher. exhibition space for contemporary art & social issues.


Thomas Kilpper is an artist living in Berlin. Together with Franziska Böhmer, he founded the exhibition space after the butcher in 2006, which focuses on the intersection between contemporary art and social issues. From 2014-2020, Kilpper held a professorship for fine arts at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway.


Kathrin Bentele is assistant curator at KW Institute for Contemporary Art.