Telephone FM - a radio station in Bagdad



7 July – 8 August 04


The fourth floor of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, is currently being used by the radio station Telephone FM, a temporary program produced in Germany and aired in Baghdad. The radio program consists of conversations between Iraqi radio producers stationed in Germany and young Iraqi professionals, academics and cultural producers who reflect and actively participate in the current state of their country's culture. The work of Telephone FM is open for the public.

Supported by the Foreign Affairs Department. Projectadvocate: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Mediapartner: rbb Radiomultikulti, Technical Partner: Sennheiser

Together with the Project Telephone FM, we will show a video by Armin Linke. The Milanese artist produced the video in the Bagdad Sheraton Hotel at the dawn of the war.