Crimes of the Wehrmacht. Dimensions of the extermination war 1941–1944



28 November 01 – 13 January 02


The new exhibition of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research on the Crimes of the Wehrmacht will be shown for the first time in November 2001 in Berlin in cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

We are delighted to work with a dedicated art institution, which has profiled itself with studies on the documentation value of historical and artistic photography and film. KW is always concerned with the medium exhibition as a place of political and scientific debate.

The point of departure of the exhibition Crimes of the Wehrmacht, dimensions of the extermination war 1941–1944 are questions about the law of war and human rights. The dimensions of the extermination war against the Soviet Union are illustrated by six themes. In addition, the exhibition documents the public discussion about the role and the crimes of the Wehrmacht from 1945 until today. A separate part deals with the subject "Photo as a historical source".