Weekend #8


31 March – 1 April 17


Hanne Lippard



Luci Lippard


31 March 17, 8.30 pm

Bob’s Pogo Bar

Ticket: 5 € (Onlineticket)


Luci Lippard is a performance band formed in Berlin in spring of 2014 by artists Lucinda Dayhew and Hanne Lippard. Using drums, voice, synths, and songs, the duo makes noise out of poetry.

Weekend #8 is held in conjunction with the exhibition Flesh by Hanne Lippard. which is still on view at KW until April 9.



Hanne Lippard and Steven Warwick: The Happy Hour

Performance evening

1 April 17, 8–10 pm

Bob’s Pogo Bar

Ticket: 5 € (Onlineticket)


Join Hanne Lippard and Steven Warwick at Bob’s Pogo Bar for a one-off, artist programmed “Happy Hour” on April Fools’ Day. Expect bespoke artist cocktails, readings, and a bar performance. Special editions will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Wine a little—laugh a lot!




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