Wolfgang Breuer
Organic Food Shop



3 May – 9 August 09



Opening: 2.5.2009, 17 - 22 h

In conjunction with the credit crisis the exhibition is supposed to – and not supposed to – be like the lighting department in a hardware store, like a shop for wooden toys and like a museum shop. (Wolfgang Breuer)

Fenced in by a blue steel wall, surrounded by a bottle bank: waiting at the bus stop. The snubby, berry-studded steel panel, the hackneyed containers, the empty bus stop: inside and outside become slippery categories and a precarious constellation emerges. It is on the street, in urban space, where Wolfgang Breuer finds all the materials, objects and situations he needs. He creates subtle images by intervening in a direct and immediate, simple and quiet manner. Breuer seems to dissolve the artificiality of the exhibition space by transferring into it the social change which occurs relentlessly throughout urban space.

Organic Food Shop, for which he has especially created an expansive installation work, is Wolfgang Breuer's (born 1966) first institutional solo show.