5–7 November

Daily 11 am – 7 pm

In German and English

Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 4. OG

Registration via

Free admission. Limited capacity.


<p>© TETRA</p>



EXPERIMENT is an immersive checkpoint within the extended reality game on network Tezos. The newly created program will serve as a digital mesh that can be layered

with one’s own humanly existence in order to understand the wider blockchain ecosystem as

a whole. Through a series of tests aimed at teaching the possibilities of tokenomics and DAO, holders can experience a sonic narrative and the non-linear dimensions of a community focused technological networking mechanism. The program will namely benefit from longdurational participation of the visitors and is for to those who are glued to screens 24/7.


The research project began in March 2021 on the original #CleanNFT art

platform. As an online laboratory, it started as a voice channel mantra HIC ET NUNC translated to HERE AND NOW . Within its time it became a global interactive web3 system

for tens of thousands of token swappers. After the shutdown of this website, there is much

to learn from the creator’s initial work which encouraged a wide variety of uses with its

open-source coding, inspiring other artists to evolve and build the network.


Please note that performance art and/or activity that exerts mental and physical energy over

extended periods of time may cause short-term or long-term exhaustion, so only participate

if you feel well. When registering for the event, please mention your preferred time of

arrival. Walk-ins are possible too, but please be aware of the event’s one-in one-out policy

when at capacity.



EXPERIMENT is produced by WEB 4.0 SENSORY MEDIA PRODUCTIONS and sponsored by despace / TZ Connect in Berlin.


EXPERIMENT results from the participatory event Hackathon. Black Swan: The Communes, a proto-institution for interdisciplinary research and practice, for which KW Institute for

Contemporary Art pledged as a Stakeholder the use of a space as resource to one of the

participating artists or a collective created during the Hackathon.