Compound is a series of new productions by artists that have been invited by Willem de Rooij. These commissions will result into different forms of presentation spanning the time period of three months, varying from performances, and screenings to short-term exhibitions. With works by Eric Bell & Kristoffer Frick, Richard Frater, Armin Lorenz Gerold, Keto Logua, Josef Tarrak Petrusson, and Mavis Tetteh-Ocloo


Compound is part of the project Willem de Rooij and Lucy Skaer and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin.


Keto Logua:
How Survival Works


22–24 November 17

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Josef Tarrak Petrusson:


10 November 17

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Mavis Tetteh-Ocloo:


9–10 November 17

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Armin Lorenz Gerold:
Scaffold eyes


2 November 17

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Richard Frater:
Sedum hakonense; Sempervivum arachnoideum; Sedum spathulifolium; ...


14–17 September 17, ongoing

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Eric Bell & Kristoffer Frick:


13 September – 17 December 17

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