A Year with ...


In 2019 KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s residency format A Year with… will be held by American poet, novelist, artist, and publisher Renee Gladman. On this occassion, KW and the Schwules Museum in Berlin have initiated a collaborative venture to support a writer-in-residence for one year.


Pogo Bar


The Pogo Bar is located in the basement of KW and reintroduces the format of the bar of the same name that existed there in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since 2017, the bar has a weekly program and provides space for performances, readings, interventions, film screenings, and conversations.




Alongside its exhibition program, KW is continuously pushing beyond the confines of the physical building through its commissioning program. These commissions are produced in order to present a different temporality and dedication to art production, in which the environment and architecture of both institutions—KW and the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art—is challenged.




REALTY is a program hosted by the KW and the Sommerakademie Paul Klee, among others. It promotes strategies to overcome contemporary art’s complicity with gentrification and aims to understand how the newfound traction of contemporary art can be used to maximum effect, here and now.


KW Production Series


KW Production Series is a new commissioning project, organized in collaboration with the Julia Stoschek Foundation and OUTSET Germany_Switzerland. It is dedicated to artists’ moving image works and concentrates on two new productions per year. The project takes inspiration from KW’s founding principles as a place for production, critical exchange, and thoughtful collaboration. More




Within the vast empty spaces of the Haus der Statistik near Alexanderplatz, STATISTA is testing whether working in the spirit of the Commons is an option even within today’s context of city development. In ten distinct playing fields, the project generates artistic prototypes for a civil society built on collective principles. In collaboration with ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics.




Lichtspiele is KW’s intimate screening and performance series based at Pogo Bar, curated by Mason-Leaver Yap. Taking place at the beginning of each month, this monographic program presents works in dialogue with the artist and audience.


The Berlin Sessions


Since 2017, KW organizes a series of public talks in collaboration with various institutions and organizations located in Berlin. The series entitled The Berlin Sessions highlights the work of Berlin-based creatives from the perspective of their peers; to map connections between the various producers and fields and to strengthen existing networks.