Pogo Bar

<p>Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk, <em>Cabaret Portrait: Döner Blackout II</em>, Performance on 28 November 19</p>

Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk, Cabaret Portrait: Döner Blackout II, Performance on 28 November 19


The Pogo Bar is located in the basement of KW and reintroduces the format of the bar of the same name that existed there in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since the beginning of 2017, the bar has a program and provides space for performances, readings, interventions, film screenings, and conversations.

Since KW’s establishment in the early 1990s, the space has undergone various transformations and has been used in a variety of ways. An installation by artist and designer Robert Wilhite revived the bar concept under the name Bob’s Pogo Bar and became an integral part of KW’s program until April 2018. Wilhite’s design, with asymmetrical mahagony furniture, stage elements, dark velvet curtains, and stuffed animals evoked a surreal dream that formed a unique backdrop for the events. During the 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, the so-called Mastur Bar, a traveling project by artist Fabiana Faleiros, moved into the cellar and dedicated weekly events to female pleasure. 


From October 2018, the Pogo Bar—reminiscent of its past—carries forward elements from its earlier iterations and continues its program, occasionally moving into KW’s courtyard or its fourth floor.


The upcoming program at Pogo Bar will be published on our website and will be sent to all members, and followers in a monthly newsletter. Please subscribe to the newsletter at pogobar@kw-berlin.de, to receive the monthly Pogo Bar program, as well as the newsletter of KW. KW Friends get exclusive access to all events held at Pogo Bar.


Enter at your own risk.


The program is currently curated by Linda Franken, Assistant Curator, and Lara Scherrieble, Curatorial Assistant. Former curators are Sofie Krogh Christensen, Léon Kruijswijk until 2023, as well as Katherine C. M. Adams and Nikolas Brummer (for one iteration each in 2023). Furthermore Kathrin Bentele until August 2021, Cathrin Mayer until May 2020 and Maurin Dietrich until July 2019. A former formate was the Lichtspiele series—focusing on the notion of the moving image—which was curated by Mason Leaver-Yap.


<p>Nigin Beck,<em> <span class="">My yellow is yours, your red is mine</span></em><em class="">, </em><span class="">2017</span></p>

Nigin Beck, My yellow is yours, your red is mine, 2017



Upcoming events


Pogo Bar:
Edward Thomasson
Grace and Harmony
9 May 24, 8 pm




Pogo Bar Podcasts is a series of long poems, sound scapes, essays, speculative interviews, and potential histories—the creative space of Pogo Bar in the digital realm.


Pogo Bar Podcast:

Root Canal

I’ll Never be a Star I’ve Always Been the Moon

December 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Phung-Tien Phan
The Podcast City

July 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Nicholas Grafia and Mikołaj Sobczak
It’s 10PM. Do You know where your children are?

June 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Taylor Le Melle
Orion J. Facey’s The Virosexuals

June 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Nour Mobarak
Memory Talk

May 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Alexander Iezzi
Heehaw Angel Hunting—Lesson in Companionshit

May 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Beth Collar
Scatter Cushion

April 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Joshua Leon
Lamentation No.1: A Smuggler’s Guide to Loss

April 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Luzie Meyer

The Acquisition of Language & The Language of Acquisition
March 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Thea Reifler und Philipp Bergmann
Truth is a Matter of the Imagination
March 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Simnikiwe Buhlungu
Anecdotal Through-isms
February 21


Pogo Bar Podcast:
Nadja Abt
Mutiny on the Bivalvia – Interview with a Seafarer
February 21


Previous events


Andrea Felizitas Karch /<br>Mina Amiri Kalvøy
12 April 24, 9 pm


Vika Kirchenbauer


21 March 24, 8.30 pm

Lauryn Youden
you’re seeping into my bloodstream
14 December 23, 9 pm


1 December 23, 8 pm


Amanda Lee Koe
A Cyborg Island Manifesto

16 November 23, 9 pm


Lotte Nielsen
Yaoi (bōizu rabu)
9 November 23, 9 pm




19 October, 9 pm


Elizabete Balčus
Hotel Universe
12 October 23, 9 pm


James Batchelor & Collaborators
15 June 23, 9 pm


Ania Nowak


  1. 12 May 23, 8 pm

Beatrice Marchi


  1. 04 May 23, 9 pm

Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong

17 March 23, 8 pm


King Kong Magazine Launch Party

Body Politics – On Masculinity

Mit PHILTH HAUS, marum und ābnamā

3 March 23, from 8 pm 


virgil b/g taylor x Pogo Bar:

zur Entwicklung der Jüdenstraße

4 February 23, 8 pm


BPA// x Pogo Bar:

Dina El Kaisy Friemuth x Alvozay x Duygu Ağal

what cannot be said will be wept

9 December 22, 8 pm 


Michel Majerus x Pogo Bar:

Steven Warwick

Gesamtkunstwerk: Dopplereffekt & Staging Evil

4 November 22, 8 pm


Klosterruine x Pogo Bar:

July Weber with Fifi x Abortion

14 August 22, 7 pm


Klosterruine x Pogo Bar:

Abigail Toll
Matrices of Vision
6 July 22, 8 pm


Klosterruine x Pogo Bar:

Verena Buttmann and Niclas Riepshoff
Offene Fenster

24 June 22, 7 pm


Kinder Limo 

Red Table Gate 

10 May, 7:30 pm 


Melanie Jame Wolf

Three Possibilities Walk into A Bar

7 April 22, 9 pm 


Mohammad Shawky Hassan

Early Films

31 March 22, 9 pm


Kasia Fudakowski and members of the Association for the Palliative Turn
An Evening On The Palliative Turn
10 March 22, 9 pm


Amalia Ulman
El Planeta
3 March 22, 9 pm


Elisabeth Molin
-165 meters, times zero and 18 suns in space
25 November 21, 9 pm


Thanos Frydas, Luka Aron, Coy Mistress
Rose in the Dark
18 November 21, 9 pm


An Evening With Queer Ear Mastering
9 September 21, 9 pm


Mahmoud Khaled, Marwa Arsanios, Mariam Mekiwi
Eve’s Confessions. From Radio to TikTok
19 August 21, 9 pm


Kristian Vistrup Madsen
Book Launch of Doing Time: Essays on Using People
8 July 21, 9 pm


Maria Malpecki & Tomek Pawłowski Jarmołajew
There is no such thing as internet


Haku Sungho & Misantrop


Lilly Pfalzer


Susan Sontag
Duet for Cannibals
5 March 20, 9 pm


Rat Rights, Kris Lemsalu Malone & Kyp Malone Lemsalu
Love Song Sing-Along After Party

28 February 20, 10 pm


Hassina Taalbi

Cosmic Arbeitsamt

20 February 20, 9 pm


Pogo Bar Invites Stella Zekri and Friends for the Last Pogo of the Year

19 December 19, 9 pm


Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk
Cabaret Portrait: Döner Blackout II
28 November 19, 9 pm


Ebow & Meg10
K*nack 4 Life
30 October 19, 9 pm


Billy J. Bultheel

Spat from My Mouth: Piano Concerto 

7 November 19, 9 pm


Nina Beier and Bob Kil

Braver Lovers

23 October 19, 9 pm


Marina Pinsky 

Coastal Dimensions—Cocktails with Joe Hoyt and 333 Boyz

3 October 19, 9 pm


Dyke TV

Incite, Subvert, Organize, and Provoke – Volume 2

25 July 19, 9 pm


High Heal

Void Sessions Berlin

18 July 19, 9 pm


Kandis Williams

Fusing Ethics and Aesthetics, the Work of Cassandra Press

11 July 19, 9 pm


bandwagon nr.1

27 June 19, 9 pm


Dena Yago
On Orchids & Precarity
20 June 19, 9 pm


Niclas Riepshoff & Michaela Schweighofer
23 May 19, 9 pm


Ramaya Tegegne

On Defense

16 May 19, 7 pm


Ashley Hans Scheirl & Jakob Lena Knebl
Dandy Gfrast – non sono solo*_’
25 April 19


Lamb Kebab & Yemed
18 April 19


Dyke TV Screening
Incite, Subvert, Organize and Provoke
4 April 19


Selected films by Marvin J. Taylor
28 March 19


Leda Bourgogne
DJ Set by Melanie Ohnemus & Mascha Jacobs
14 March 19


21 February 19, 9 pm


Philipp Gufler
I Wanna Give You Devotion
14 February 19


Philip Poppek
31 January 19


Hannah Anbert
The land of milk and honey
24 January 19


Pfeil Magazin
13 December 18


The Wooster Group: Rumstick Road
6 December 18


Steven Warwick & DeForrest Brown
Elevator to Mezzanine – Performing America (Iconic America)
29 November 18


Astrit Ismaili
The New Body
22 November 18



Jamie Crewe: Bucolic Coda

1 November 18


Neda Sanai and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah
Shut the fuck up when you talk to me regarding nuances of language
25 October 18


Marshall Vincent

Frozé Afternoon & Trust Issues

1 September 18


Kamilla Bischof & Laura Welker

Muse Mustermann

19 August 18


Rosa Rendl

Opportunity Lover

Invited by Barbara Rüdiger

14 July 18


Bendik Giske

26 April 18


Lou Drago und Pedro Marum

Quantum leaps in trans-semiotics through psycho-analytical snail serum

19 April 18


Jacob Peter Kovner:

Bruno Zhu

12 April 18




5 April 18


Samantha Bohatsch

22 March 18, 9 pm


Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw feat. Angharad Williams  & Economy of Meaning:
Clerks’ Quarters

15 March 18



Episodes of Horror: Gestures
1 March 18


André Harris, Ricarda Messner, Mark Stroemich, Marshall Vincent Garrett, Zeit+Geld, Nicolas Hue, Michelle Phillips, Paul Kramer, i.ruuu, Sophie Douala, and Fabio M. Silva

ROM*.COM: a 90’s Trauma workshop (*Read only memory)

22 February 18


Dardan Zhegrova
Lucky Pierre: Crush at the other table

15 February 18



Episodes of Horror
Gudo: A Wounded Spectacle

  1. 1 February 18



A Farewell to Progress

7 December 17


Laura Catania & Isabelle Fürnkäs

w/ Baal & Mortimer, Marion Benoit, Pola Fendel,
Nora Hansen (feat. Mary Lake), Josefine Reisch, Siansull

16 November 17, 8.30 pm


Brett Story

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (2016)

2 November 17


Alle Pizze fast rund

26 October 17


Linda Goode Bryant and Laura Poitras:
Flag Wars (2003)

5 October 17


Jonas Wendelin
A Toast to My Consent

28 September 17


Berlin Community Radio
feat. Jessica Ekomane & DJ Morgana

21 September 17


Berlin Community Radio 
BCR 4th Birthday at the Mall

14 September 17


Nora Rekade and Liesl Raff
My Moment is now yours

13 July 17



Evan Ifekoya

She was a full body speaker standing tall in the corner of the room, “West ​End ​Angel ​O​f ​L​ove ​T​eacher ​F​or ​M​y ​I​t ​G​irl” plays in the background

6 July 17


Natasha Stagg and Chris Filippini

The Hot Glue Factory

22 June 17


Neda Sanai
feat. the xextraterrestrial wrap

  1. 15 June 17

Ellen Cantor: Pinochet Porn

7 June 17


Lonely Boys
A night for lonely boys

25 May 17


Marianne Vlaschits
Cake Ceremony

27 April 17


Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Antonia Carrara, Benjamin Thorel
Unintended Experience

20 April 17



Dafna Maimon
Related Primates

13–15 April 17

A new 8-person ensemble, developed with Emma Waltraud Howes, costumes Tea Palmelund, produced by Caique Tizzi

With: Dan Allon, Tara Dominguez, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Jos McKain, Marie-Delphine Rauhut, Wissam Sader, Jorge Vega, Xinyue Zhang 



Will Holder and Mason Leaver-Yap
”The activity of framing a performance and the intentions that accumulate around that activity produce a certain anxious kind of mode. and I became bothered by that / by the flurry of activity that tends to make so many things.”

6 April 17


Nigin Beck
My yellow is yours, your red is mine

30 March 17


Ayamin Awazuhara and Christophe Burman
Conversation Piece


Barbara Kapusta

The 8 and the Fist

16 March 17


Charlotte Prodger: BRIDGIT

8 March 17


Vincent de Hoÿm and Jade Fourès-Varnier
Thursday Best

3 March 17


Alex Hunter and Timo Feldhaus

23 February 17


Heike-Karin Föll and Leon Kahane
Club Tropicana

16 February 17



Jamie Crewe: Potash Lesson

9 February 17




2 February 17


Bitsy K.
Hydroholic Pilorum

26 January 17


Nora Turato
show personality, not personal items

19 January 17