Pogo Bar Podcast:
Simnikiwe Buhlungu
Anecdotal Through-isms


February 2021

in English


<p>Image: Simnikiwe Buhlungu, <em>Anecdotal Through-isms</em>, 2021</p>

Image: Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Anecdotal Through-isms, 2021


Anecdotal Through-isms is a resource-as-podcast/podcast-as-resource. The collection of anecdotal references of phenomena exist ‘through’ the presences and remnants of everyday sonic utterances—including, but not limited to, experiential drum patterns1; songs deconstructed and recreated owing to copyright law limitations2; articulated or musical oral gestures3; migratory toenail reverberations4; and unanticipated splashes5.


‘Through-ism’ is proposed as a way of speaking ‘through’ rather than ‘about’ these said utterances: to indicate how they exist as sources and/or references; to think about the slippages, (dis)associations and distinctions they carry; and to delve into the inexhaustible narrative possibilities they offer.


Simnikiwe Buhlungu is interested in the mechanisms that produce and mediate knowledge[s]; how it is produced and by whom, its dissemination and its nuances as a commonplace ecology. She uses her practice to wrestle between these questions and their infinite potential answers. Lately, she enjoys listening to gospel music and has been thinking about apiaries.


Buhlungu (born in South Africa, 1995) currently is a resident at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam (2020—2022). Recent engagements include Collective Intimacies—Notes to Self: Intimate 1, mural project, The Showroom, London (2019) and Small World Real World, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2020—2021). She obtained her BAFA degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2017).


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