Pogo Bar:
Thanos Frydas, Luka Aron, Coy Mistress
Rose in the Dark


18 November 21, 9 pm
In English
Venue: KW, 4th floor


Please register via pogobar@kw-berlin.de


In accordance with the current Covid-19 regulations the 2G-rule (vaccinated or recovered) applies for all KW events. Furthermore we ask all participants to wear a FFP-2 mask throughout the event.


<p>Image: Martin Sekera</p>

Image: Martin Sekera


“Let him that admires the beauty of the rose, reflect on the wound of Aphrodite, they say; for the goddess indeed loved Adonis, and Ares on the other hand loved her: but Ares in a fit of jealousy killed Adonis, thinking that the death of Adonis would put an end to her affection for him; but the goddess, having understood what had been done, hastened to be revenged; and throwing herself in a hurry on the rose, when without her sandals, she was wounded by the thorns of the rose in the sole of her foot; and the rose, which was before white, from the blood of Aphrodite, changed into the color in which it is now seen, and it became red and sweet-scented.


But others say that, when the gods were feasting above, and there stood a great quantity of nectar, Eros led the dance, and with his wing struck the bottom of the bowl and overturned it, and that the nectar poured on the ground made the rose of a red color.”


– Anonymous (10th century CE). Geoponika, book XI, chapter XVII. Translated from greek by Thomas Owen (1806). London.


Throughout the history of Western literature, flowers, fruits and trees have taken up various symbolic meanings with the aim to vividly describe emotions and feelings. Rose in the Dark is a poetry salon dedicated to trans-historical semiotics of nature as well as ambiguous moments of longing, lust, love, and loss—overrepresented yet relatable to anyone.


Presented by Thanos Frydas and Coy Mistress

Music by Luka Aron

Directed by Thanos Frydas


With poems/texts by:

Billy Morgan, Coy Mistress, David Lynch, Ezra Green, Hildegard of Bingen, Konstantinos P. Kavafis, Martin Sekera, Miloš Trakilović, Sanja Grozdanić, Nat Marcus, Louise Glück und Zoe Darsee


Scent Design by Elisabeth Schaduw


Thanos Frydas (born in 1992, Greece) is a performance artist who has been working in Berlin since 2016. Referencing elements from the Greek dance and music tradition (folk dances, lamentations), he deals with questions about contemporary human relations and interactions. Recently, he presented the performance True Blue (2021) at Hosek Contemporary and Super Delicious Path (2020) at Kunsthaus KuLe.

Thanos has a diploma and a doctorate in medicine. Parallel to his studies, he received theater, performance and dance training in Greece, Leipzig, New York and Berlin. He has performed for various artists and was resident at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in New York in 2019.


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