Pause: Margaret Honda
18–20 August 17


Daily from 6 to 9 pm

Entrance: 5 € (Onlineticket)

Tickets for the screenings throughout the weekend can be purchased at the ticket desk and online. The screening starts every 30 minutes. It is not possible to enter the installation throughout the screening.


Spectrum Reverse Spectrum

<p>Margaret Honda, <em>Spectrum Reverse Spectrum</em>, 2014, 70mm film, aspect ratio 2.2:1, color, silent, 21 minutes, film still</p>
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Margaret Honda, Spectrum Reverse Spectrum, 2014, 70mm film, aspect ratio 2.2:1, color, silent, 21 minutes, film still



Opening: 18 August 17, 7 pm


Margaret Honda in Conversation with Tenzing Barshee (Writer, Curator) and Anna Gritz (Curator)

20 August 17, 4 pm

Bob’s Pogo Bar

Free admission


With a screening of Spectrum Reverse Spectrum by Margaret Honda, KW Institute for Contemporary Art continues its new series titled Pause, envisioned as a punctuation of the on-going program through the presentation of singular artworks for a concentrated period of time in order to bridge relationships between the past, present and future.


Linking the summer and the autumn season at KW, the American artist and filmmaker Margaret Honda presents her film, Spectrum Reverse Spectrum (2014). The camera less film mines the entirety of the available colour spectrum of the 70mm print stock as a fluctuating entity between a physical, industrially produced body, and an elusive philosophical concept that reveals the gulf between the measurable and experiential. Moving gradually through the visible light spectrum from violet to red, then back to violet, the colours’ relative densities and durations follow those in the spectrum itself. The subjective effects of the film, causing each viewer to perceive the film differently, enhanced by the size and brilliance of its being in 70mm, make you aware of the act of watching and thus reminding you of the body you inhabit.


Margaret Honda (born 1961 in San Diego, US) received an M.A. in material culture and a B.A. in art history. Her work in sculpture and film has recently been the subject of one-person exhibitions at Künstlerhaus Bremen (DE) and Triangle France, Marseille (FR) and has been included in group exhibitions at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, and SPIKE, Berlin. Her films have been screened in the US and internationally, in museums and festivals including the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Courtisane festival, Ghent (BE); REDCAT, Los Angeles; Berlin International Film Festival; Toronto International Film Festival; and BFI London Film Festival. She lives and works in Los Angeles.


Pause: Margaret Honda is part of the project Point of Departure: Willem de Rooij, Lucy Skaer and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin.