Annette Wehrmann:
(Serpentine Streamers)
10 February – 11 March 18


3rd floor

Opening: 9 February 18, 7 pm


The Berlin Sessions:

Judith Hopf on Annette Wehrmann

9 March 18, 7 pm

3rd floor

Free admission


The installation of Annette Wehrmann’s Serpentine Streamers closes with a reading of her writing by Judith Hopf combined with a screening of selected films by Wehrmann.



<p>Annette Wehrmann, <em>Luftschlangen</em>, Performance apartment St. Pauli, Hamburg 1992 © Ort des Gegen</p>

Annette Wehrmann, Luftschlangen, Performance apartment St. Pauli, Hamburg 1992 © Ort des Gegen


As part of the accompanying program for the exhibition Stepping Stairs by Judith Hopf an own space is dedicated to the Luftschlangen (Serpentine Streamers) works by artist Annette Wehrmann (1961–2010) the third floor at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. The presentation comprises replica of her Luftschlangen as well as audio recordings of her reading-performances. In the 1990s, Wehrmann implemented her Luftschlangen within self-organized artists’ spaces, where she read her texts—typed on paper streamer—along the windings and loops of the material. The texts unite everyday observations with philosophical and aesthetic inquiries. In her performances, Wehrmann created visual poetry in space, under the consideration of art in the social context. The artist realized her anarchical works by using ephemeral and cheap materials. She encountered socio-political questions with utopian, feminist, and even fantastic counter proposals.


Made possible with the support of Ort des Gegen e. V./ Estate Annette Wehrmann


With special thanks to Erzsébet Ambrus-Möhle, Sophie Boysen, Isabelle Demin, and Chinh Nguyen Thi