Elegant Scaffolding

A multifunctional design for KW Institute for Contemporary Art


30 April 13


© EventArchitectuur
© EventArchitectuur


The content as well as the venue of KW Institute for Contemporary Art are permanently in progress and transformation. To emphasize this continual 'under construction' state, EventArchitectuur proposes the idea of the scaffold, which symbolizes this condition.

What does a relatively permanent scaffold look like, and what kind of functional and esthetic qualities could scaffolding have besides making walls, floors and ceilings accessible for repair? EventArchitectuur developed a structure made of aluminum vertical parts and wooden horizontal parts. This structure can be assembled from prefabricated elements, and can grow in different spatial directions. The structures have different scales that correspondent to different functions or uses. They can be configured and used as seats, tables, displays, shelves, curtain facades, billboards and pavilions. Since the institution's program is still in development, introducing this structural and dynamic approach will keep the flow of possibilities going, while at the same giving a specific identity and asthetic to the state of being in flux.

The permanent transformation is very close to EventArchitectuur's own way of working, often refering to their works as having the qualities of a Brechtian play. The works are constructed realities and are shown as propositions, not as reality itself.
As an introduction to the system, Herman Verkerk and Paul Kuipers of EA host the first event in KW's Studiolo, where their design is most visible. They will relate this piece to their general practice, as well as to Ellen Blumenstein's vision for the institution.