“very good*”

  1. 7 March 20, 5 pm
  2. Venue: KW Studio, front building, 1st floor
  3. In English


  4. Concert with double solos by editors Paul Abbott (drums) and Will Holder (vocals)


<p>F.R. DAVID, Cover of the 19th issue <em>“very good*”</em>, 2020, Courtesy of the artist</p>

F.R. DAVID, Cover of the 19th issue “very good*”, 2020, Courtesy of the artist


The 19th issue of F.R.DAVID “very good*” is edited by Will Holder with Paul Abbott.
Like music, the theme of the issue is better off unaccounted for, avoiding explanation, and up in the air, like a flock of birds (creatures who feature heavily), circling around performance, listening bodies, given time, and loving relations.


F.R.DAVID is a typographical journal, edited by Will Holder since 2007, dealing with the organisation of reading and writing in contemporary art practices. Since 2017, it is co-published by uh books and KW Institute for Contemporary Art.


The publication “very good*” is an outcome of Paul Abbott’s residency at KW, as part of the project Prospectus: A Year with Will Holder, 2017.


<p>F.R.DAVID, Index of the 19th issue<em> “very good*”</em>, 2020</p>

F.R.DAVID, Index of the 19th issue “very good*”, 2020