Hotel Marienbad 004: Wolfgang Breuer. Pizza Prekär



28 September – 16 November 08



Opening: September 27, 2008, 5 - 10 pm

This bubbly exhibition shows pictures. Stained glass pictures or parts of them are joined together. Most of them are turned horizontally to fit the windows. The berries in them are still working when those pictures are turned. The pictures are retracted from a casting situation redirecting them next to housing.
(Wolfgang Breuer)

Wolfgang Breuer's site-specific interventions in public space are usually very quiet and only become obvious upon closer inspection. He has covered up the windows at the Hotel Marienbad with boards used in the UK and USA to protect vacant houses from burglaries. These play on references to the current property crisis and the situation in Auguststraße. His toner image makes the hotel room, which is already bursting at the seams, appear out of proportion, rather like the addition of yet another ingredient to an overloaded pizza.

The artist Wolfgang Breuer (born 1966) compliments the Hotel Marienbad as its forth guest.

Situated in the main building of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Hotel Marienbad opens up possibilities beyond the white cube by offering a poetic space for highly diverse modes of presentation and performance formats. Eluding all attempts at defining it as either a private or a public space, it is both useful space and artistic platform. Whether they present an exhibition or host an evening event is up to the guests, who do not pay for bed and board in the usual way. Instead, the accepted currency are artistic interventions that subject the place to permanent change. Thus each guest leaves traces which combine to form part of a collective process that is reflected in the steadily rising figure of the room number.

Hotel Marienbad is supported by Dornbracht Culture Projects ( and the Friends of KW Institute for Contemporary Art.