Hotel Marienbad: Petra Coronato. tongue tongue Hongkong



3 March 09



7 pm

tongue tongue Hongkong is not a new art form but a company that has been successfully recyclying fine literature for years. After some initial scandals about their unscrupulous way of obtaining work, they rapidly became the darling of the public and still hold a monopoly in text-recycyling in the German-speaking world. The permanently employed author Petra Coronato leads us to the headquarters in Hong Kong. She presents the business concept and then unabashedly gives valueable tips on how to recycle texts without getting prosecuted. Whoever is interested is cordially invited to a little excursion into the red light district in the forest where the event winds down.

tongue tongue Hongkong doesn’t just copy secretly but right out in the open with hardly any investment and a lot of profit. She writes what has already been written because nothing else occurs to her. No one else can think of anything either, but tongue tongue Hongkong can’t think of what she can’t think of with lots of determination. FAZ

Petra Coronato, born in 1956 in Biberbach/Riß, photography training, Philosophy and History Studies in Tübingen. 1993 founded the literary label „tongue tongue Hongkong” in Berlin with representation in Vienna (1995) and Zurich (1998). Publications and events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
As a historian for ARD/ORB (RBB), SWR and other projects in the non-fiction area as author and photograper. Lives in Berlin and Vienna.

In the context of Hotel Marienbad 005: Ann Cotten. Criticism & Cover there will be readings, talks and presentations of curious artwork in the hotel room. Supported by the Friends of KW Institute for Contemporary Art

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