1–14 July 17



Jenna Bliss: Nihilism and Self Care


A series of events



<p>Jenna Bliss, <em>Poster, </em>2017, Courtesy of the artist</p>

Jenna Bliss, Poster, 2017, Courtesy of the artist


Jenna Bliss will host a series of informal private and semi-private events in early July, based on the realities of life in destruction: of the planet, public spheres, the common good and our own atomized bodies. Events will include conversations with thinkers and artists, self-cervical examinations and participation with groups in Berlin already working with issues of gender, reproduction, and health autonomy. 


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14 July 17, 8 pm
Studio, 1st floor, front building
Screening: Poison The Cure
Ticket: 5 € (Onlineticket)
Enter at own risk.
Presentation with projection and spoken word on contemporary relationship of technology and reproduction in the Studio.


A report back after the aforementioned events as well as a screening of her recent film Poison The Cure will serve as material for a public event exploring the material conditions most of us face while global oligarchs plan their escape to Mars or their complete digitization into the virtual. The film screening will be followed by a selection of newer videos dealing with questions of how the body has become a new frontier, perhaps the ultimate frontier for technological development. The seemingly most private parts of our lives have become a terrain for commoditization. In the face of absolute nihilism how do we think towards a future?  


Jenna Bliss (born 1984, US) is a filmmaker and artist based in New York. Currently, her artistic practice is focused on drugs, addiction, and the pharmaceutical industry.