Larissa Fassler
Emotional Blackmail


2–12 November 18

Venue: Moritzplatz, corner of Prinzenstraße, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

A REALTY commission


<p>Larissa Fassler, <em>Emotional Blackmail, </em>2018</p>

Larissa Fassler, Emotional Blackmail, 2018


In 2017, the real estate firm Pandion acquired sizable plots of land near Moritzplatz. The high-end development marks a tipping point that will arguably redefine the neighborhood’s identity. Large-scale displacement, in this case, would be a matter of time. Numerous cultural institutions, including KW, engaged in a temporary cultural usage of Pandion’s new venues. Happily, the collaboration sparked an appetite within the institution to take responsibility for its artistic footprint. Emotional Blackmail (2018), the billboards and street posters by artist Larissa Fassler, are part of a series of research and artist commissions that have since come to bear. The artwork’s finissage on 11 November and a workshop on 12 November are featured as part of the REALTY event SPACECRAFT.